FRIDAY 21th JUNE 2024
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This climb is one of the most beautiful and demanding in the Valais. With a start at the level of the Rhône plain and a summit at more than 2200 meters, the difference in altitude inspires respect! 

With a total difference in altitude of almost 1800 meters, the Sanetsch Pass route is without doubt the most demanding climb you can find in the Valais. From the plain, you first cross the vineyards of the commune of Savièse, then the larch and spruce forests of the commune of Conthey, before opening onto alpine pastures and finally finding yourself facing the magnificent Tsanfleuron glacier. At each turn, the pass road offers a number of surprises - rocky cliffs, waterfalls, snow-covered summits - and reveals landscapes that are each more sumptuous than the next. You will gradually enter narrow, shaded gorges bordered by refreshingly fragrant forests. After a few short, welcome less steep roads, the ascent starts again and allows you to discover the Rhône plain, which is already quite far away. A few twists and turns and the passage by a waterfall gradually lead the cyclist into an environment of alpine meadows. The passage through a tunnel dug into the rock finally brings the bold one’s face to face with the Tsanfleuron glacier.








9 to 3pm

The roads are reserved exclusively for cyclists from Notre Dame de Corbelins, Savièse (Chandolin) to the top of the Col du Sanetsch.

Start Access (Place du Scex, Sion):  

  • Sion train station is located in the immediate vicinity of the Welcome Village. Access by public transport and/or by bike is recommended.
  • The Scex, Roches-Brunes and La Planta car parks are in the immediate vicinity of the Welcome Village.

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Information on the region: 

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